Albemarle County Public Schools radical gender-expansive policies The Schilling Show

All-in: Albemarle County Public Schools compelling mandatory allowance of boys in girls’ lockers and...

In direct contradiction to fundamental biology and basic human dignity, gender-zealots at Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) have launched new gender-expansive policy mandates. Screen captures...
Diversity of Virginia t-shirt UVA The Schilling Show

EXCLUSIVE: New “Diversity of Virginia” t-shirt design

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a $20 million business at the University of Virginia. Show your UVA DEI pride with this Schilling Show exclusive...
Albemarle County climate hoax community read

DEI book club: Albemarle County’s “Community Read” fraught with woke propaganda

Albemarle County Government has way too much time and money at its disposal. To wit: the spring 2024 “Community Read,” sponsored by the county’s...
Patrick McNamara video evidence Charlottesville, VA The Schilling Show

Rev-elation: Exculpatory video evidence behind Patrick McNamara case dismissal obtained

Exculpatory video evidence, a sharp attorney, and a private investigator saved Patrick Joseph McNamara from being convicted for a crime he did not and...
Patrick Joseph McNamara motion to dismiss Charlottesville The Schilling Show

Off-the-hook: Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney files “Motion to Dismiss” in McNamara case

Patrick Joseph McNamara, falsely accused of assault and battery, will have his charges dismissed as delineated in a filing by Assistant Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney,...
Patrick Joseph McNamara Charlottesville case dismissed The Schilling Show

BREAKING: Patrick McNamara assault and battery case to be dismissed

The case against Patrick Joseph McNamara, who was accused of assault and battery in Charlottesville, will soon be dismissed according to sources close to...
Anti-semitism Lake Monticello Israeli Flag The Schilling ShThe Schilling Show

1000 words: Israeli flag desecrated at Lake Monticello residence

A Lake Monticello resident arose Wednesday to find that vandals had smeared with a ketchup-like substance, a poled Israeli flag in his front yard. Family...
F-22 Raptors over Charlottesville Eclipse The Schilling Show

1000 words: F-22s roar over Charlottesville during peak eclipse

F-22 Raptors spotted over Charlottesville at the zenith of Monday’s eclipse. After maneuvering for about 15 minutes, the planes headed east toward Richmond. Photos courtesy...
10/7 deniers Charlottesville City Council cease fire resolution The Schilling Show

VIDEO: Charlottesville pro-Hamas deniers brand 10/7 barbarity “lies” as City Council approves anti-Israel resolution

Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Emeritus, Dan Alexander, denounced Hamas for the 10/7 terrorist acts against innocent Israelis, at the April 1 Charlottesville City Council...
Albemarle County Public Schools social media class action suit The Schilling Show

Grand stand: Albemarle County Schools joins class action Social Media lawsuit

The Albemarle County School Board has instructed local counsel to join a class action lawsuit regarding adolescent addiction to social media. In context, the relevant...